Every project is unique, but our starting point is always the same:  your vision.  What do you want to communicate?  Who is your audience?  How much do you want to spend? Armed with your objectives, we set out to source the most memorable, highest quality, best priced products in the world.  Once you make your selections, we manage every last detail — from proof approvals to customs clearance to shipment tracking — to ensure that the products arrive as promised, on time and on budget.

When we begin work on a new project, our first task is to generate an exhaustive list of possibilities. We brainstorm ideas,
then we sift through samples, catalogs and websites looking for more ideas. We consider everything from hot, new items,
to custom design, to perennial favorites. Then we evaluate all the possibilities based on quality, price, availability and
overall Wow Factor. In the end, we present you with a list of inspired ideas that we believe meet all your objectives —
both financial and strategic — and are sure to delight recipients.

Brand Stores

Many of our clients are looking to
build their brands from the inside out —
they need a secure means of distributing
branded merchandise to employees,
customers and channel partners.
Our custom-built Brand Stores are the
ideal solution. Designed to meet your
specifications, the sites can be customized
to allow varying levels of access,
incorporate password protection, and
accommodate point systems or gift
certificates. You select the product
assortment; we do the rest.

Global Sourcing

Our global network can save you money and help you stand apart from your competition. We import large quantity orders (minimums starting at 100 pieces) from overseas factories, eliminating redundant layers within the supply chain and saving you money. In terms of custom manufacturing, our capabilities are limitless. We work directly with manufacturers around the world to develop custom products that are every bit as one-of-a-kind as your brand identity.


Whether you’re looking for a worldwide logistics partner or a temporary warehouse
location, we can help. Our company owned and operated warehouse distribution and fulfillment center is located in Hopkins, Minnesota. Online brand store/company store fulfillment, kitting, and custom packaging is handled from our warehouse.

We also partner with warehouse facilities in key ports throughout the world.
We can just as easily arrange an air shipment from China as move a container via rail or drop ship to your doorstep. No matter the shipping method, you can count on us to get the products into the intended recipients’ hands — on time and on budget.

  • Company Owned and Operated Warehouse & Fulfillment Center
  • Central U.S. Location (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Online Brand Store Fulfillment
  • Extensive Kitting Capabilities
  • Custom Packaging
  • Direct Mail | Print | POP Fulfillment
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Drop Ship to Multiple Locations

Project Management

If you want a promotional partner who can oversee and direct the entire process, you’ve come to the right place. When you work with OutLoud Promotions, you don’t just get products, you get partnership. You can focus on your myriad responsibilities while we focus on the details: proof approvals, ship dates, customs clearance, and transportation. We’ll see your projects through from start to finish — from initial concepts to order placement to shipment tracking — freeing you up to concentrate on the rest of your To Do list.

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