A Bigger, Better Bang for your Marketing Buck

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) just released results from its most recent global survey, proving promotional products rank among the most influential, enduring and cost-effective ad mediums available. The study, conducted from July through September 2012 across 12 North American and European cities, proves that the investment in logo’d items is modest, more targeted andContinue reading “A Bigger, Better Bang for your Marketing Buck”

New Promotional Products are the Cat’s Meow

We are pleased to unveil the new marketing materials we created for our friends at Hartz. OutLoud’s design team reinterpreted Hartz’s imagery across branded products big and small, creating free-standing banners featuring bigger-than-life-size furry friends and screen cleaners and media grips displaying the pets in miniature. The result is a a consistent, cohesive brand imageContinue reading “New Promotional Products are the Cat’s Meow”